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Expert Jewelry Repair Services

At The Jewelry Center, our jewelry repair experts have the skills and years of experience to service nearly any repair imaginable. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality, affordable repairs and services to anyone in the USA.

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Not near one of our stores? No problem! Head to our mail-in repair website for jewelry services by mail.

Types of Jewelry Repairs We Service

How Much Will My Jewelry Repair Cost?

It all depends on the type of jewelry and the repairs needed. We usually have to see the piece before we can give you an exact quote. Once we can examine the piece in person, we can send you a quote detailing the services you will need and the price of the repair.

How Long Does The Repair Process Take?

It all depends on the type of repair. Some repairs can be done in one day, others require a bit more time. Either way, we always make sure to let you know when you can expect your jewelry back. All repairs are performed by our experienced goldsmiths.

Do You Repair and Service Jewelry On-Site?

Absolutely! If you stop in to one of our three locations in Southeastern Wisconsin, our repair technicians will diagnose your jewelry while you wait. We’ll provide you with an repair estimate detailing exactly what jewelry services are available to you.