Jewelry Estate Valuation Services in Milwaukee

When a parent or loved one passes away, there may be a need to divide the jewelry portion of their estate. Among all of the emotional challenges associated with loss, an estate can create additional stress and anxiety – especially when dealing with estimating and dividing the value of jewelry pieces. At The Jewelry Center, our goal is to ease some of stress associated with our estate valuations. We will schedule a time to analyze your estate collection, and provide all parties with clear communication towards the value of the estate, what you would like to be sold, and what you would like to be inherited.

What is the Estate Valuation Process Like?

Since this is such a difficult time for many involved, we focus on two main points to help the process run smoothly. The first point is the value of the estate itself. Using today’s industry leading tools and our decades of expertise, our jewelry specialists will distinguish the accurate values of your estate – and will pay top dollar pieces you would like to sell. The second point is simple – transparency. Integrity and transparency are of utmost important with our estate valuations, so everyone involved understands the process. 

To schedule an estate evaluation, please contact us or call our store to set up a time.

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