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At The Jewelry Center, we carry one of the most innovative jewelry brands in the world – Lightbox. Lightbox brings lab diamond jewelry to a whole new level, guaranteeing all stones to be VS clarity, very good cut, and near-colorless (for white stones). Each stone is very piece is grown in the USA at their state of the arc facility in Portland, OR. If there is a specific piece you are looking for, please feel free to text us a photo and we’ll be happy to assist!

Lightbox Jewelry
Lightbox Lab Diamond Jewelry

What Makes Lightbox Jewelry Special?

Lightbox brings an exclusive assortment of beautiful diamond fashion – including earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Industry-leading lab technology ensures beautifully sculpted diamonds at a consistent price point. Lightbox diamonds have the exact same physical characteristics as natural diamonds, so they deliver a sparkle at an extraordinary value.


Lightbox’s Mission

Lightbox’s mission is to make the sparkle of a diamond available for more people, more often. They are constantly innovating world-leading technology, to make bigger, better, and more accessibly priced lab grown diamond stones.

Lab Diamond Jewelry by Lightbox