Lapidary Work in Milwaukee (Stone Setting and Tightening Services)

Do you have jewelry with damaged or loose gemstones? Or perhaps you would like an entirely new piece fashioned out of a specific stone. Whatever the case may be, The Jewelry Center’s expert goldsmith can make your jewelry look and feel like new again.

To test your jewelry to see if stones are loose, gently place your finger on the edge of the gemstone and slowly move your finger back and forth. Be very gently though, if it is loose you don’t want to loosen it more. If you are able to wiggle the stone or feel any movement, we recommend that you bring your piece in and have your stone tightened. One of the most common causes of loose stones on rings is damage to the prongs. Gemstones should not be able to move when they sit in a ring, so it better to be safe than sorry – especially when dealing with heirlooms and wedding jewelry.

At our three locations, we provide a range of lapidary services including:

  • Tightening loose gemstones
  • Faceting from rough gemstone materials and repairs
  • Polishing the crowns of colored stones to make them look like new again
  • Cabochon cutting for both common or unusual shapes.
  • Drilling holes in gemstone materials for diamonds or multi-stone pieces

For more information on our lapidary services, please contact us or visit one of our three locations!