Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring with 1ct Lab Grown Diamond

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Our classic solitaire engagement ring features a GIA-graded 1ct lab grown diamond set in white, rose, or yellow gold. The setting features a rounded inside edge for extra comfort and stability.

– GIA Graded 1ct Lab Grown Diamond
– Clarity VS2 or Better, Color I or Better
– Comes with GIA Grading Report and Ring Box
– Free 30-Day Returns, Free 90-Day Resizing


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Free returns within 30 days of delivery.
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What’s All Included?

– Engagement Ring Set with 1ct Lab Grown Diamond
– Official GIA Grading Report (Clarity VS2 or Better, Color I or Better).
– Engagement Ring Proposal Box


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Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Are lab-created diamonds “real” diamonds? The answer is very simple, yes. They are not cubic zirconias, they are not crystals. Lab grown diamonds have the exact physical and chemical properties of a natural diamond.

The only difference between a lab diamond and a mined diamond is its origin. A lab-created diamond is “grown” with specialized equipment that replicates the process that occurs naturally underground. The end result? A lab-created diamond that is physically the same as those that are mined.

Lab grown diamonds can also be referred to as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, or manufactured diamonds. Whatever term you choose to use, know that lab grown diamonds are the real deal.

Benefits of a Lab-Grown Diamond

Every mined carat of diamond disturbs 100 square feet of land and requires 6000 pounds of mineral waste.

Because of the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds generally 20-30% less expensive than natural diamonds.

Natural diamonds average one injury for every 1,000 workers annually. Lab-grown diamonds average zero.

1ct Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Lab-Created vs. Natural Diamonds – Which Should I Choose?

There is only one person who can answer that question. You! It all comes down to what you value in a diamond and an engagement ring.

Natural diamonds can give a feeling of mystery and significance. Created over billions of years, they truly are one of nature’s beautiful miracles. Lab-created diamonds on the other hand, can signify a more modern love. It can feel empowering to wear something that is the result of an incredible progression of our technology.

While some may try and tell you which is “better,” the most important truth is the message behind the diamond. At the end of the day, all diamonds – natural or lab – represent love.