Watch Battery Replacement

Milwaukee's Home of the $3.99 Watch Battery Replacement

It has become harder and harder to find a reliable, inexpensive place to replace a watch battery. Many large jewelers and retail stores with jewelry departments no longer offer watch battery replacement services. In fact, they usually refer their customers to The Jewelry Center!

The Jewelry Center is the home of the $3.99 watch batter. We work on any type of watch and any battery. We always provide this service at an affordable price, starting at just $3.99 (Swiss brand and Invicta watches are $6.99, all other watches are $3.99). Our watch battery replacement costs are the most affordable in the greater Milwaukee area. Bring in one watch or bring in 10. Our jewelers will even replace your watch batteries while you wait.

Why Bring Your Watch to Us?

We've been replacing watch batteries for over a decade, and we have seen it all. Our repair specialists have worked on all watch brands, both common and uncommon. We even keep the thousands of batteries in glass jars around the store to show guests how many we’ve changed over the years! If you don’t want to risk damaging your watch with a battery replacement kit, just bring it to the experts instead! Our watch battery replacement costs less than a kit, and it comes with the peace of mind that your watches will be properly taken care of.

Do You Provide Other Watch Services?

You bet! If you have a broken timepiece that needs a watch repair, our repair experts can fix it. If you would like to have a watch pressure tested or want to test its water resistance, we have just the tools to do so. You can click here to find a full list of jewelry services that we provide. All of our repairs and replacements are done in-house, and your jewelry will not leave our store or be shipped out to another party. We pride ourselves on providing quality repairs at an affordable price.


What is the Turnaround Time to Get My Watch Battery Replaced?

Our jewelers will replace your watch batteries while you wait, so the entire process takes just a few minutes. Even if a certain watch takes a bit longer (as some antique watches do), our watch battery replacement price remains at $3.99. Because we’re not located in a mall, parking around our stores is always available. If you are in a hurry, you will be able to run in and out in no time! No appointment is necessary to replace a battery, so feel free to stop in at any time. If you have any questions prior to stopping in, please contact us or text us using the icon on the bottom right of your screen. We look forward to seeing you!