Jewelry Repairs

Quality Jewelry Repair Services

The Jewelry Center provides our customers with high quality, long lasting repairs on all jewelry. From a simple stone tightening to a complete refurbish of an antique family heirloom, our talented on-site goldsmith has the experience and knowledge to make any piece of jewelry look and fit like new. When you bring in your piece, our jewelry specialists will help you diagnose your repair needs and walk you through our quick repair process. We can also explain preventative measures you can take to avoid jewelry damage in the future. 

When you bring in your piece of jewelry for a repair, it will never leave The Jewelry Center. We never ship off repairs to other 3rd parties, so you can be rest-assured that your jewelry will always remain in good hands throughout the entire process.

Repairing Techniques

The most common jewelry pieces we attend to usually involve worn out prongs and other parts. With these repairs, our goal is to avoid having to replace the center stone and other sentimental materials of the piece. In many cases, a prong repair and our repolish will bring your jewelry back to its beautiful condition, while still maintaining the orginality of the piece.

Another common service that we provide at The Jewelry Center is metal chain repairs. As you wear chains, the metal links are constantly moving against each other - which over time can create breakage. This can lead to the loss of your pendant in worst case scenarios, so it is important to keep an eye on your chains to insure they are strong and free of damage.  Our jewelry specialists can inspect your chains for damage (or susceptibility to damage), and repair both the chain itself and any jewelry clasps associated with chains.

Same Day Repair

If you find yourself in a rush and need a piece of jewelry repaired immediately, bring it in and show us! Depending on the service required, we are sometimes able to finish the job that day!  

To read about more specific repair techniques, please visit one of the links below. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have something specific in mind - contact us!