Lightbox from The Jewelry Center

Lightbox Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Lightbox loves science and sparkle. A lot. Their diamonds are laboratory-grown in soft shades of pink and blue and white. A world leader in the field, Lightbox Jewelry is light-years ahead, backed by over 30 years of research and development. Because their diamonds made in a lab, they’re priced more accessibly for you, making lighter moods and lighter moments out of birthdays and beach days and just because days. Lightbox is lighting up for those who light us up; from your bestie, to your mom, to your bestie who is now a mom. Lightbox laboratory-grown diamonds are for more moments, more often.

Lightbox is available at all three TJC locations and is available to shop online with free shipping or in-store pickup. Lightbox is all about finding flattering, feminine styles you can wear without a second thought. Because every day deserves some sparkle.