The Jewelry Center Now Accepts Bitcoin!

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We are very excited to announce that The Jewelry Center now accepts Bitcoin as payment! All of our three locations now are able to process Bitcoin transactions on site, and we will be working to accept more digital currencies throughout 2018.

What is Bitcoin? 

For those who aren’t aware of technologies’ latest craze, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be sent and received over the internet. Transactions are processed without the need of banks or third parties, and all records are publicly accessibly while remaining completely anonymous. Bitcoins are stored and saved in a digital wallets which can be used to send and receive coins to other users.

Why The Jewelry Center?

Even though we’re just a local jeweler, The Jewelry Center is always looking for opportunities to improve our technology and our ability to serve customers. Over the holiday season, we heard a growing number of stories of community members buying and selling Bitcoin – so we wanted to join in on the fun!

How to Use Bitcoin With Us?

All of our locations (Greenfield, Brookfield, and Burlington) are now able to complete Bitcoin transactions. When you stop in the store, just tell a team member you’d like to make your purchase with Bitcoin. We have a checkout app on our smartphones called BitPay that will allow you to pay us with Bitcoin at current exchange rate. We then can immediately exchange that Bitcoin for cash. So if you have some Bitcoin stored in a wallet and are looking to purchase a new watch or piece of jewelry, stop in and we’ll take care of you!

If you have any questions about our newly accepted currency or just want to reach out, feel free to send a message at our contact page or give us a call!

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