September 2019 Couple of the Month – Catarina and Mitchell

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To celebrate the love in our community, we have a little promotion called The Jewelry Center’s Couple of the Month! We award one lucky couple with a date-night on the town and a piece about them on our blog! This Couple of the Month is engaged couple Mitchell and Catarina. Here’s a look at our interview with this wonderful couple.

How did you two meet?

Catarina: Through mutual friends, nothing special!

Is there a story behind it?

Mitchell: Not really. It’s kind of funny actually, when we first met she didn’t really realize that we were dating. I was just kind of like, hey, we’re dating, and she was like “Oh…ok…I guess so!” Jokes aside – when we first hung out, I met her at her dorm and we were just going to hangout on campus, get something to eat.

Where did you go to college?

Mitchell: She went to Mount Mary and I was going to UWM at the time. We were just thinking, “hey, let’s be friends.”

Do you guys remember having a first date?

Catarina: Well, we kind of hung-out as friends at Noodles & Company. I don’t remember if we had a first official date.

Mitchell: We actually make a joke a lot because one of the first dates, we had we actually went to Applebee’s. So I actually engraved something about that night on her ring. There was one last chip (we split a thing of spinach and artichoke dip) and there was one last chip. I was like, “Oh we should split it.” She just put one finger on it and split it so perfectly down the middle, one straight line, it was amazing! We were like oh my goodness!! We freaked out about it, so I actually engraved a reference on her ring to that chip because we always make jokes about that chip being so perfect!

Catarina: It actually kind of looks like a chip!

The ring is beautiful! Who did you work with here?

Mitchell: Dean. He is a family friend.

Fast forward to the proposal, how did you propose? Was it a surprise for you Catarina?

Catarina: Well, it was half a surprise. I came home from work one day, and there was a business card from The Jewelry Center on the dresser and I was like “Hmm… why was he there?” So I kind of knew it was happening. But I didn’t know when it was happening. 

Mitchell: I’m not very subtle, unfortunately!

So was that left there by mistake?

Mitchell: Yeah, definitely! I meant to put it away but got distracted somehow. We actually took a trip out in March to Los Angeles, We drove from Milwaukee to Los Angeles to meet some friends. We were originally going to stop in a couple different cities, but we actually had Denver get hit by a blizzard at the time. They had almost 2 feet of snow, so we actually had to go south. But it ended up being a great trip still!

We were in LA, and the first night I was going to propose to her. I was going to have her be in a dress and I wanted to take her to this big long pier on Huntington Beach at sunset. I had my friends that knew ahead of time, they were going to take some photos, it was going to be great. But she was so tired from the trip out there. It was 36 hours in the car. So we were heading out to the pier and she’s sitting next to me in the car like falling asleep and I said something to her and she’s like, “What?” She was out of it. So I texted my friends saying we’re not going to do it tonight, she’s SO tired. I ended up doing it the next day. We went to a park that was on the side of a small mountainside, kind of to the south of the city, kind of toward Anaheim area and we went to the park and right at sunset I’m like, “I’m going to do it!”

Catarina's Engagement Ring

Awesome! Catarina, did you help pick out the ring or give him hints?

Catarina: No, not really the design. But I was hinting for a while that I wanted a ring, telling him how long we have been together, stuff like that!

Mitchell: She also kept saying things like, “Oh man, that’s my ring size, a size 6,” and dropping little hints here and there. But when I came to The Jewelry Center, I wanted to make sure we got a design unique to her style. I know everyone probably says this about their fiance or husband or wife, but she’s not like other women. She’s so unique, she’s so different that I was like I don’t want to just get something super traditional, I wanted to get something unique, something stylistic.

Well great, it looks like it worked out! So then wedding plans…how are those coming along?

Catarina: We’re good at procrastinating! Originally it was set to next year, and I’m like next year is coming really soon. We don’t have a venue, we don’t have you know a florist, we don’t have anything. So it’s pushed back to 2021. We’re going to try to do it then so we’re not waiting another 10 years! 

Mitchell: Yeah, we’re looking probably beginning of October 2021.

Catarina: Definitely a fall wedding! 

So you really haven’t carved into it yet!

Mitchell: Yeah, we’ve got some details. We’ve got a lot of the bridesmaids and groomsmen and stuff picked out, and we’ve got some stuff kind of formulated. We’ve just got to start sitting down and knocking it out.

Is your son, Benji, excited about the wedding?

Mitchell: I think he’s indifferent!

Catarina: He’s in his own world!

Mitchell: He’s just enjoying those Tootsie Rolls right now!  

Are you planning the wedding around here or is it a destination wedding?

Catarina: Yeah, we have a lot of family who can’t really fly and stuff, can barely even walk. So it will be here!

Nice, make it easy on them!

Mitchell: We want the full family to be around us and have a big family thing!  

Well we hope you enjoy your date night! Thanks so much for coming in and sharing your story!

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