Now Introducing: Ship-In Watch Battery Service

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You may already be aware that The Jewelry Center is home to the $3.99 watch battery replacement, but did you know that we now are home to a nationwide ship-in watch battery replacement service? We are excited to integrate this service alongside our “while-you-wait” on-site watch battery installation service.

Whether you are out of town and are looking for a trusted jeweler, or simply can’t find the time to make it in during our regular business hours, you are able to take advantage of this service from any electronic device!

How Much Does It Cost?

When mailing in your watches, you will receive this service at the same affordable price as our in-store rates, just $3.99 per battery. This is the most affordable cost that you’ll be able to find online, and we work on any watch and any battery.

How Does It Work?

To go about mailing in your watches, you’ll need to “order” a watch battery replacement. You can do so by clicking here. Simply select how many watches you are planning to ship to us, add your service to your cart, and complete your order with your details and payment information. We will email you a pre-paid shipping label within 24 hours.

Print out the label and attach it to your padded envelope! Make sure your watches are secure and ship it to us. We’ll receive your watches, change the batteries for you, and send them back to you within two weeks of receiving your watches.

Who Changes the Battery?

When we receive your watches, our on-site jewelry repair experts will be the ones to handle and service your timepieces. Each of our team members are experienced and trained to handle all brands of watches and we change thousands of batteries every single year; sometimes over 100 batteries a day!

Please do note that The Jewelry Center is not liable for any damages that may occur during shipping. It is extremely rare and we haven’t had an incident yet, but please make sure your watches are packaged securely.

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