May 2019 Couple of the Month - Megan and Braden!

Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 3:19 pm by The Jewelry Center

Introducing The Jewelry Center's May 2019 Couple of the Month... Megan and Braden! The two will be getting married on September 12th, 2020. In our interview with them, we learned about their proposal, how wedding plans are coming along, and more! If you are engaged and would like to enter the drawing, you can enter on this page. Here's a look at our interview with these two!


HOW DID THE TWO OF YOU MEET? FIRST DATE?Megan and Braden Couple of the Month

Braden: We actually first met in my buddy’s basement, we were both there to watch a Packer game.

Megan: Yep! I was there with a friend who was dating his friend at the time, so we met through them.

Braden: From there, we didn’t really have a classic first date. We hung out at a few times in group-things, and then on Halloween too.

Megan: The first “actual” date would probably be when I went over by him for dinner and he cooked. That would have been our first solo hangout.

Braden: And here we are over three years later!


Braden: I was coming up with a plan that included taking a hike with our dog and hiring a photographer. But then we quickly put an offer in a house and ended up buying it! So this whole time I had the ring and was trying to work out this plan, but I figured that moving in was the best moment to tie everything together. So on our move-in day - the truck had been unpacked, everything was in the house, and I had a nice dinner planned and wine ready to celebrate. But I could not get her away from unpacking boxes. So I’m sitting at the dinner table by myself, ready to propose, and she’s still in the bedroom organizing. Of course, I eventually convince her to take a break and join me, and I proposed!


Megan: I came into your Brookfield store and picked out my ring with Linda. It was very easy and she was great to work with!

Engagement Ring by The Jewelry Center


Megan: We’re going to have it at The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton, WI. We’ve got colors picked out, the dress is ready, photographer and DJ are both booked. So the only big thing left is the menu.

Braden: Overall I feel like we’re pretty far ahead for 2020, things are looking good so far!

Megan and Braden will be enjoying their complimentary date-night as the prize for being our Couple of the Month. All of us at The Jewelry Center wish you the best of luck as you begin this new life together!