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We have teamed up with the Milwaukee Milkmen for the Love Never Spoils contest to feature 10 couples throughout the 2020 season. Don and Lynette were the Love Never Spoils featured couple on August 14th! They won tickets to Milwaukee Milkmen home game and a $200 gift card to The Jewelry Center!

Don nominated the two of them, but especially his amazing wife, Lynette, to be recognized at the Milwaukee Milkmen home game. The two of them recently celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary on July 31st. Here is what Don had to say when we asked him to share his story for the nomination:

“My wife proposed to me at a baseball game; we have attended a baseball game each and every one of our anniversaries and will be doing so again by attending tomorrow night’s Milkmen game (Aug 1st). Although those ballgames have been at each level of professional baseball – the theme has always been the same, our love of the best sport in the world. It is wonderful that in this year of unique and challenging times, the sport can attract fans to your team’s venue which is…open to the public. We moved to the great State of Wisconsin just this past winter and we both agreed that to celebrate the greatest day of both of our adult lives – it should be spent at a baseball game…..a MILWAUKEE MILKMEN baseball game. Thank you, Milkmen organization – for being in existence, practicing safe and healthy procedures at your stadium, and giving my wife and I a chance… continue our annual anniversary tradition. And thank you, Lynette – for enhancing my life by marrying me 3 years ago.”

These two were announced at yesterday’s Milkmen game with a beautiful sunset and bubbles in the air!

We encourage you to nominate yourself, or a loved one, who may be celebrating an anniversary, engagement, personal milestone, or who may be newlyweds, for a chance to have their story shared and recognized on the field during a Milkmen game! Not only will our lucky winners be recognized during a game, but they will also receive a $200 gift card to The Jewelry Center! To learn more about Love Never Spoils, click here.

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