LeVian Red Carpet Revue

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018 at 2:23 pm by The Jewelry Center

Last weekend, our team went to Las Vegas to learn about and bring back the latest styles and trends for the upcoming year! We were invited to the LeVian 2019 Red Carpet Revue where we were able to chat with Eddie LeVian, CEO of LeVian, and several of his family members that are also very involved in the company. The Red Carpet Revue included guests Ross Matthews and Avril Graham, a fashion show of LeVian jewelry and the latest trends according to Harper's BAZAAR, and a performance by Macy Gray and her incredible band!

The Jewelry Center with Eddie Levian on the Levian Red Carpet | June 3, 2018
Left to Right: Thomas Rouse (The Jewelry Center), Denise Noll (The Jewelry Center), Mike Prokop (The Jewelry Center), Eddie LeVian (CEO, LeVian), Vicki Zahn (The Jewelry Center), Dean Murray (Owner, The Jewelry Center), Linda Jakus (The Jewelry Center)

top left to bottom right: Rouse, Noll, Prokop, Zahn, Murray, Jakus, 
Joe Kelnhofer (The Jewelry Center), Rouse, Prokop. kelnhofer, & Rachael Kelnhofer (The jewelry center)

At the Red Carpet Revue, LeVian announced the 2019 Trend Forecast:

Design of the year: Milestones – Milestones are revealed through a graduation of gemstones and/or a graduation of color. This trend is a celebration of life and the different stages and mile markers in your journey.
Diamond of the year: Nude Diamonds – The C2-C3 natural color diamond, which offers value and is complementary to fashion and beauty trends, is destined to reinvent fine jewelry, espeically with the impending closing of the Argyle mine in 2020, the world's largest source of Chocolate Diamonds.
Color trend: Nude Palette – The Nude Pallete enables a woman to shop for her diamonds and gemstones in the same way she shops for her beauty and fashion, as a complement to her unique features. 
Gold flavor of the year: Tri-color gold – The LeVian Tri-Color Gold trend combines straps of polished gold of different flavors with Nude Diamonds to create a modern take on the Nude Palette.
Theme of the year: Royalty – In the year of multiple fairy tale royal weddings, LeVian introduces the tiara rings design trend for every woman who wants to feel royal. The Demi-Halo, which brings together the royal ring concept with today's stackability trend, offers multiple connected linear straps of diamonds and gold in a chevron-shape, reminiscent of tiaras.
Fall color trend of the year: Royal Blue and Royal Flush – LeVian names Royal Blues as the Fall Color Trend of the Year. Blue gems include Blueberry Sapphire, Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire, Deep Sea Blue Topaz, and Blueberry Ziron. Royal Flue, the majestic purple of royalty and the ultra violet hue of Pantone's color of the year, is LeVian's second Fall Color Trend of the Year. The gems include Grape Amethyst, Ultraviolet Sapphires, Grape Garnet, and the Ryoal Flush Spinel, today's version of the gem of ancient royalty.
2019 Spring color trend of the year: Multi-color Peacock and Multi-color Rainbow - In a year when royalty is taking center stage, the exotic Peacock Multi-Color trend, combines blue and green gems to create an air of majesty. Multi-Color Rainbow offers an abundance of color. There are several interpretations of this trend including a rainbow featuring a dazzling mix of multi-color gems.
Feature of the year: Adjustability – Adjustability in bracelets and necklaces brings three key advantages into one extraordinary design trend: substantial value as the gems do not go all the way around; a custom fit in a one size fits all design, and a fashionable look, highlighted by LeVian's signature dangling tassels. It's a perfect style for layering and stacking.
Gem of the year: Fancy Color Sapphires – Natural fancy color Madagascar sapphires tie into the Multi-Color Rainbow trend with vibrant and softer hues of purple, pink, blue, orange, and green.
Cut of the year: Baguette Frenzy – Baguette Frenzy reveals a unique interpretation to the baguette cut, resulting in exciting styles with a tradition feel in a modern design. Looks include non-traditional settings and clustering settings that creat a princess effect as well as combinations of straight baguettes into a princess or emerald cut.
Item of the year: The Open Ring – Stack them on multiple fingers for a multi-dimensional effect. Mix and match. It's all about your own unique style. 
Animal of the year: The Dog – This is a great way to memorialize the love you have for your furry friend with unique collections of diamond studded and gem studded paw print fine jewelry.
The newest gem on earth: Peacock Aquaprase  – Earth's newest gemstone, discovered by LeVian friend and gem explorer Yianni Melas.