June 2018 Couple of the Month - Aly and Myles!

Posted on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 2:20 pm by The Jewelry Center

We met with The Jewelry Center's June Couple of the Month and learned all about Aly and Myles proposal, ring selection process, and wedding plans! Each month we award one lucky engaged couple with a date-night on the town and a piece about them on our blog! Here's a look at our interview with this busy couple!

When did you first meet?

Aly: We met in 2014 at Bucky's on Okauchee Lake where Myles was hosting an Open Jam at the time. (Myles is a musician) It actually closed recently which is actually really sad since it's where it all started! But, my brother met him first and was like, “oh my god you have to meet this guy. You’re going to love him”. He definitely wasn't thinking this kind of love, but love his music. So the first time we met, we sang together. He was singing "You and Tequila Make Me Crazy" by himself. And I said "Is he gonna sing that alone?" and my brother urged me to go up and sing with him. It's actually funnier when Myles tells the story because he was thinking inside "Oh no..."
After some laughs...
Myles: Yeah, not gonna lie baby... I thought you were gonna be terrible. But after the song we shook hands and introduced ourselves and were good friends for while before we started dating.

What was your first date?

Myles: What are we calling our first date? Was it the time we went out for crab legs at Bucky's?
Aly: Yeah, I guess so!
Myles: They used to have Crab Legs on Wednesday Nights, and we both had mentioned in a previous conversation that we both loved crab and that we should go sometime. Eventually, with our busy schedules we found a Wednesday night that worked for both of us. I remember afterwards both of us driving home being like "WHOA, I had fun...on a date.” Haha!

Who asked who?

Myles: It was pretty mutual since we were definitely mostly going for the crab, haha.
Aly: Yeah, I was totally in it for the crab, It was more like let’s spend some time together to see where we are at!

How did you propose?

Myles: I kept it very simple, at home on the couch with the puppies. I didn’t want any public proposals. We lead sort of a public life, so I wanted to keep this private.
Aly: There were a lot of scenarios where everyone thought he was going to ask like his CD Release Party in April, a few other special gigs, and holidays.
Myles: Yeah, at all of the holidays, people would ask if they needed to get an engagement present ready.
Aly: He was getting a lot of flack for it. I started to think we were going to get married before we got engaged! He was totally messing with me.

Aly, did you know that it was coming or was it a total surprise?

Aly: I knew it was coming someday but he started to throw me off…
Myles: I made her sweat a little.
Aly: That is very true! I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen. Then, he shocked me! It was like 11:30pm on a Sunday night.

The ring! You came to our Brookfield location to customize a ring, how did you decide on a design?

Myles: We came into The Jewelry Center one day on a whim to look around and picked out a few that we both liked.
Aly: Then he kind of combined the elements of all of them into one ring.
Myles: We had a vision for it together, so taking all the rings and making them into one was a fun process.
Aly: Yeah it was kind of cool to do it together though. It was still a surprise for me, but I knew I was getting exactly what I wanted at the same time.
Myles: She didn’t see the actual ring until I gave it to her, the look on her face was priceless. I'm really glad we went this route.
Aly: Linda helped us so much with putting all of these different elements together that didn’t exist in everything that we were looking at so we are so fortunate to have found this place.

Finally, wedding plans. How are those coming along?

Myles: What was it like 8 months?
Aly: Yeah we are throwing together a wedding in 8 months! Why wait?
Myles: We are keeping it simple. Nothing super fancy or anything like that, we want to focus things on us and not the production.
Aly: We are having a food truck, which is basically the most exciting part for me, other than marrying him, haha!
Myles: We set a strict budget and stuck to it, and I think she's still getting pretty much everything she wanted.
Aly: We are keeping it super small with just family at a church ceremony, and then a big barn party. Definitely happy with how things are going.
Myles: It’s going to be cool. We have a constantly busy life, so adding wedding planning to our schedules just hasn't seemed to be a big deal. We have kept our focus on the important stuff and in the end it will all be worth it.

Thank you  for coming in to our Brookfield location for your Couple of the Month interview, Aly and Myles. We really enjoyed learning more about the two of you and we know you are looking forward to your date night, and more importantly your quickly-approaching wedding day! Congratulations to the both of you and we wish you nothing but the best!