July 2017 Couple of the Month: Joseph and Karisa

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To celebrate all the engagements happening in our community this year, we have started a promotion called The Jewelry Center’s Couple of the Month! Each month of 2017, we will be awarding one lucky couple with a night on the town and a piece about them on our blog! To any engaged couples that would like to apply, please contact us with your names, an email address, phone number (for if you win!), and the date of your wedding!

Our winning couple for July is Joseph and Karisa!

Joseph and Karisa’s are both are school teachers from Southeastern WI. Their wedding date is TBD right now, as they’ll be traveling to Mexico this summer to look at resort locations!


Joseph: We’re actually both middle school teachers. About 5 years ago, the teacher that taught across the hall from me left, and the school hired Karisa to replace her! We became friends over the first couple of years, and eventually started dating.

Karisa: Our first date was to Botana’s in Milwaukee. Long story short, I basically invited myself over one day and never left!

Joseph: 100% true.

Engagement Photos with Ring


Karisa: It was a complete surprise! I had no idea at all.

Joseph: Being teachers, we typically travel during our holiday times and over summer break. We decided to go to Las Vegas for a little gambling and entertainment. There’s something for everyone there. I decided I was going to propose to Karisa about 3 weeks before we left for Vegas, so I came to The Jewelry Center and found her engagement ring.

The proposal itself happened on Easter Sunday. We went and got brunch at this nice restaurant outside the Paris Hotel and Casino. Before arriving, I called the manager to share my plan and make sure everything would be okay. When we checked in at the hostess station, all the ladies working there we’re giggling because they knew. We got seated right away at a nice table outside along the strip.

Couple of the Month at our Greenfield Store

Karisa: And luckily I didn’t notice the signs! He did a great job keeping the whole thing a surprise, I never picked up on any clues that something was about to happen.

Joseph: I don’t know how I kept it secret. I had her ring in my carry-on while going through airport security, and I just kept thinking to myself, “Please don’t look through it or ask what is inside.”

But anyway during brunch we sat down, got our drinks, and then I told Karisa I was going to the bathroom. So I got up and walked to the hostess stand to tell them that I’m ready to do this. So they offered to take pictures.

I got back to the table, told Karisa to stand up, and asked her right there! She said yes, everyone was cheering and clapping, people walking by stopped to see what was going on.

Karisa: And the next thing you know, there was some guy at the table next to us wanting to take pictures of us. And at this point I’m still in a bit of shock and don’t really know what is going on! It actually took a few days to sink in, but the surprise was so cool!


Joseph: I got some advice from one of her friends to help with the design, and I brought my sister to the store with me. So with their help I was able to find a ring that we knew she’d love.


Karisa: There a bit non-existent right now. But we are going to Mexico on August 1st to look at three resorts, one in Riveria Maya and two in Cancun. And then we’ll pick a place, pick a date, and start the plans from there. Mexico was the first place we took a vacation together, (two months after I moved myself in!) so we thought it’d be a nice place to start our new life!

Joseph and Karisa will be enjoying their complimentary date-night this August as our July Couple of the Month! Congratulations to both of you, and we wish you the best of luck as you begin this next chapter together.

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