July 2018 Couple of the Month - Brianna & VJ!

Posted on Sunday, July 29th, 2018 at 7:47 pm by The Jewelry Center

Introducing The Jewelry Center's July Couple of the month... Brianna and VJ! In our interview with them, we learned about their very unique proposal, how wedding plans are coming along, and more. Each month we award one lucky engaged couple with a date-night on the town and a piece about them on our blog. Here's a look at our interview with these two!

 Couple of the Month - The Jewelry Center

How did you two meet?

Brianna: We actually met online 3 and half years ago!

What was your first date?

VJ: First date...it was so long ago I don’t remember! I know we went to Bayshore Mall and then to Panera to eat afterwards.

Brianna: We walked around just trying to feel it out. After dinner, we hung out with some of his friends at a party afterward.

Fast forward to the engagement, how did you propose?

VJ: I work at Rockwell and they are a big sponsor of the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF). We had a Karaoke Night as part of a fundraiser, so I asked one of the Vice Presidents of the IT Department that I work in if they would help me propose. That night, Brianna and I started by doing a duet to Ed Sheeran’s Lego House. Then we did a half duet of Thompson Square’s Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not. Halfway through the song, there’s a line where it says “And I got down on one knee”, so I asked the DJ to cut out the music right when that line hit and to hand me the ring, and I popped the question!

Brianna: It was awesome! It was at Hamburger Mary’s, and my parents were there so that was really cool that he asked my parents to come.

Was the proposal a surprise?

Brianna: It totally was! I was hinting that I was ready, but I had no idea.

Was the engagement ring itself a surprise?

VJ: She gave me hints for general ideas of what she liked. I knew she liked rose gold a lot.

Brianna: He did awesome. I was super happy.

Wedding plans! When’s the big day and how are plans coming along?

Brianna: October 20th of this year! For the most part everything is set, besides little odds and ends that we have to do. Our parents have been helping us a lot and they are very active in the wedding planning. (Shoutout to their parents!)

VJ: We got a lot of the big reservations done early so we didn’t have to worry about it later on.

Brianna: The ceremony is at the Kemper Center in Kenosha and the reception will be at the DoubleTree Hotel in Kenosha as well.

You already have your wedding bands picked out, right?

Brianna: Yes! We got the wedding bands from The Jewelry Center. We got his custom made here at the Greenfield location. Mine was one I saw in the case and loved.

VJ: We chose a tungsten ring for me and put a rose gold band in it to match her ring.


Thanks for coming in for your Couple of the Month interview at our Greenfield location! We loved learning more about the two of you and hearing your amazing proposal story! We are looking forward to hearing more about your wedding day and seeing you one last time when you come to pick up your wedding bands!