Jewelry Must-Haves for Spring

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It’s springtime…time to sparkle and shine! This week we are sharing a list of jewelry box staples. With these pieces, you will be ready for your business causal meeting, that fancy date night, or your simple (yet stylish!) coffee run! We’ve got twelve different pieces for you to consider, but we’ve also given a few hints on how you can combine a few of these essentials!

1. Stackable Rings

Let’s just get these out of the way right now because it seems like everyone is talking about them! Stackable rings can be worn separate or together, depending on the look you’re going for. Regardless, they are a necessary part of your jewelry box! Try mixing and matching silver and gold tones to create a fashionable look with a twist of your own style. PANDORA and our Mixables Collection have a great selection of stackable rings to choose from!

2. Bold Bracelet / Cuff 

The stacking look is a fashion trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! By having one bold bracelet or cuff, you will be able to change out and customize what you do (or don’t!) stack with it. We have been loving the Milano Bracelet collection by Lafonn because they work well with mixing tones and can be a bold piece in your collection to add on to. We also love the Alex and Ani cuffs, which all have their own unique meaning.

3. Dangle Earrings

The way these earrings hang, they are bound to catch the light just right! They are going to help you light up every room you walk in. Whether you’ve got a fancy work event or you just need to start the week off right, dangle earrings are going to help you feel confident in your look.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoops can be worn any day of the week. Adding a pair of dangle or hoop earrings to your jewelry box will take your look to the next level. Meet in the middle of 3 and 4 with these Open Hoop Earrings.

5. Pearl anything!

Whether it be a pearl necklacestuds, or a fashion ring, this gem is a must have in your jewelry box. Pearls can help dress up a casual look or add a soft touch to a night out on the town. The pearl is a generational classic. They have been worn for decades and we don’t see their elegance going out of style any time soon. Pair with your black dress or add them to your favorite outfit – your look will be timeless.

6. Personalized Piece

This could be your Pandora charm bracelet or your set of Alex and Ani bracelets, your initial bangle, your petite charms locket, a monogram necklace, or maybe even a custom engraving done at one of our three locations!

7. Long Chain Necklace

Perfect for layering with a shorter necklace or worn on its own. A long chain necklace is versatile and you are able to wear with other dainty necklackes making it a staple piece of your look but able to switch it up when you want to.

8. Watch

Watches come in all sorts of styles, so find one that fits your lifestyle best. A metal watch is a classic look, but leather bands are just as practical. Find a watch that will transition you from your business casual outfit to your dinner-date dress.

9. Diamond Necklace

A simple diamond necklace can add mesmerizing shimmer to your look. A classic frameless diamond on a silvergold, or rose gold chain is simple yet elegant. If you want a little extra sparkle, try this two-stone diamond necklace.

10. Stud Earrings

If you are looking for that extra touch of sparkle, adding a pair of studs to your look could be just the ticket. From pearls to diamonds and rounded or geometric, stud earrings are a must-have to create a minimalistic. classy look for that big business meeting or to easily dress up your casual lunch meeting.

11. Tennis Bracelet

The easiest way to dress up a look is by adding a sleek row of diamonds onto your wrist! PANDORA has a Sparkling Strand Bracelet that brings a new and modern twist to the classic tennis bracelet by easily adjusting to your wrist size and preferred styling. Several of our brands offer a variety of tennis bracelets. If you want to combine the tennis bracelet and cuff look, we suggest checking out Lafonn’s Classic Bracelet.

12. An “Everything-Goes” Necklace

What we mean is, no matter what you are wearing, you could grab this necklace in a pinch and you would be good to go. Dress it up or wear with a casual outfit. Maybe the necklace you wore (or plan to wear!) on your wedding day is your go-with-everything necklace! This could also be your diamond necklace or your personalized piece that we mentioned earlier! Whatever necklace you choose, it should be SIMPLE and definitely one that you LOVE.

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