Custom Rings Inspired by Star Wars!

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Star Wars fanatics Steve and Kim decided to create wedding rings with unique designs inspired by the legendary film series! Our Greenfield team member, Denise, helped bring these rings to life, and we think the final pieces look absolutely incredible. So how did these two think up this idea?

While leaving Kyoto Japanese Restaurant in the Layton Plaza, Steve and Kim saw The Jewelry Center’s Darth Vader replica in the window next door. “The idea kind of started at that moment,” said Steve. “We were trying to come up with something special to do with our wedding rings, and the thought popped in our heads – hey let’s see if they can create something Star Wars-inspired for us.”

“About a year after we got married, our fandom for Star Wars just kinda took off,” Kim added. “Steve has actually built his own R2D2 robot! So when we learned that The Jewelry Center would be able to help with this idea, we knew it would be a perfect way to celebrate our marriage.” Steve’s glasses are also customized with Star Wars graphics on the temples!

Kim’s ring features a lightsaber-inspired setting complete with her own stone, while Steve’s R2D2 wedding band shows off the famous design of everyone’s favorite robot. The two rings also have matching sapphire accents, symbolizing their shared love for each other, and of course, for Star Wars!

To anyone else who has an idea for a custom jewelry piece but are thinking that it might not be possible… lets just say we find your lack of faith disturbing! So thank you Kim and Steve for trying out something new and creative. Denise and the rest of our team had a wonderful time working with you, and we all agree that your rings turned out amazing!

Custom Star Wars Inspired Rings

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