August Couple of the Month: Jake and Stephanie

Posted on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 11:53 am by Administrator

To celebrate all the engagements happening in our community this year, we have started a promotion called The Jewelry Center's Couple of the Month! Each month of 2017, we will be awarding one lucky couple with a night on the town and a piece about them on our blog! To any engaged couples that would like to apply, please contact us with your names, an email address, phone number (for if you win!), and the date of your wedding!

Our August 2017 Couple of the Month is Jake and Stephanie! Jake and Stephanie will be getting married on July 7, 2018 at the The Atrium in Shorewood. They recently stopped by the store for an interview, read their story below!

How did the two of you meet? First date? 

Stephanie: We first met each other at a friends house during our high school. At the time we were both freshman at Whitnall, but we re-connected most recently in college! For our first date in high school, we went to Culver's together.

Jake: And I think our second high-school date was to a movie and Texas Roadhouse, right?

Stephanie: Sounds about right. And then our "second" first-date after we reconnected in college was also to a movie, but Red Robin this time. So we picked up right where we left off!


Tell us about the proposal!  

Jake: I ordered a 200-piece puzzle made from a picture that we took together after we bought our first home. But I had photo-shopped the words "Marry Me?" on my shirt. 

Stephanie: His family told me the puzzle was a housewarming gift from Jake's mom, so I had no idea it was coming. We started putting it together that night.

Jake:  But before we started putting the puzzle together, I hid the "Marry Me?" pieces in my pocket so I could surprise her with them at the end. But Stephanie of course decided to start working in the middle, and was looking for those pieces right away.

Stephanie: I just saw my face and body right away, put those together. And then I found Jake's face, but I couldn't find his shirt pieces anywhere. So I was getting really mad and didn't even want to finish it that night, but Jake just really wanted to work on it so I played along.

Jake: After that, I secretly started throwing the "Marry Me?" pieces in, and she eventually found them. I let her put the last piece in and she realized what was happening, and then I proposed!

Stephanie: The puzzle still wasn't even complete at this point, but I got the message.


And the ring? How’d you two decide on one?

Stephanie: I showed pictures to my best friend, and Jake ended up asking her for help choosing a ring. So they came into The Jewelry Center together with the pictures I sent, and created it right here.

How are the wedding plans coming along?

Jake: The date is July 7, 2018. So we're under 11 months away now.

Stephanie: We will be getting married at The Atrium in Shorewood, just starting to check some of the bigger things off the to-do list.


Anything else you'd like to add as our August Couple of the Month? 

Jake: Thanks so much for choosing us, Dean was great to work with, and the ring turned out perfect.

Stephanie: We're excited to come back and get our wedding bands soon!


Jake and Stephanie will be enjoying their complimentary date-night in the coming weeks as the prize for being our August Couple of the Month. All of us at The Jewelry Center wish you the best of luck as you begin this new life together!