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What to Consider When Selecting an Engagement Ring


The cut quality of a diamond determines how much it sparkles, making the cut one of the most important aspects to consider when ring shopping; a poor cut grade will result in a dull appearance. Choose the best cut grade within your budget for the most beauty and value.

The Best Engagement Rings for SaleColor

The lowest color grades are K-Z; these diamonds are pale yellow and typically undesirable. D is the highest color grade available; these diamonds are absolutely colorless but also very rare. To get the most out of your budget, you will prefer a G-H color grade which is nearly colorless.


When choosing the clarity of a diamond, your budget will be a large factor. Clarity is based on the amount of imperfections (also referred to as inclusions or blemishes) present in the diamond; the higher the clarity the less imperfections.


While most people attribute the carat of a diamond to its size, it is actually referencing the diamond's weight. The cut of a diamond will affect how large it appears; an experienced jeweler will help you choose the best diamond cut and carat for your budget.

Considerations Unique to Your Significant Other

Diamond Engagement Rings for Women WIIf you've already been ring shopping with your future fiancé, you likely already know what shape, setting, and ring size you want. However, if you're looking to completely surprise your loved one with a proposal, you can gather the information you need with the following tips:

Shape - There are a multitude of diamond shapes to choose from, including round, princess, emerald, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart, and cushion. You can determine the best shape for your engagement ring by asking your significant other's best friend or sibling, paying attention to the rings and jewelry she wears regularly, or checking out her Pinterest account.

Setting - The first decision you'll make in terms of your ring setting is the precious metal. Gold is available in yellow, white, rose, and even green. Platinum is a great choice for those who prefer silver in color or have sensitive skin. If you don't know which metal your loved one will prefer, take note of the jewelry she favors most and that will help you make the right choice. Before visiting your jeweler, research the following setting styles so you have an idea of what you'd like to see when shopping: prong, solitaire, tiffany, bezel, tension, classical tension, channel, pavé, halo, cathedral, bar, flush, three stone, vintage, cluster, and shank.

Ring size - To determine ring size you can bring in a ring she frequently wears on her ring finger. If she does not wear jewelry often, you can try to measure her ring finger while she sleeps with a simple print off paper ring sizer. If those are not options for you, make sure you get free resizing with your purchase.

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