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Gift Ideas and Custom Designs

Whatever your budget, Effy jewelry offers the best rings, necklaces, and gorgeous pieces. Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays are perfect occasions to simply show that special someone how much you care. The Jewelry Center’s line of Effy designs are made with the highest quality of precious metals, stones, and other gems. Cheap jewelry companies cut corners by offering imitation stones, often undetectable with the naked eye. Rest easy, knowing each unique item of Effy jewelry is of the highest quality possible.

 TJC Jewelry Repair and Cleanings

The hope diamond, one of our highly-prized gems, requires occasional cleaning and maintenance.  We offer professional cleanings and jewelry repair service on all items, as well as any of your existing jewelry. Cleanings are affordable and a smart investment; polishing your jewelry to a mirror shine, while bringing your valuables back to life. If your jewelry and accessories are looking worn, or you have a box full of discarded watches, broken chains, or other damaged items, come see us for an estimate at The Jewelry Center in Brookfield.

Effy Birthstone Items

In recent trends, birthstone jewelry has become increasingly trendy among consumers. Showing off their birth-month means something personal and special to the wearer.

Check out the corresponding gems paired with each month:

  • January = Garnet
  • February = Amethyst
  • March = Aquamarine
  • April = Diamond
  • May = Emerald
  • June = Pearl
  • July = Ruby
  • August = Peridot
  • September = Sapphire
  • October = Tourmaline/Opal
  • November = Topaz/Citrine
  • December =Tanzanite/Zircon/Turquoise

Effy offers a wide variety of birthstones, including topaz, amethyst, and more. They make perfect birthday gifts, and are a great way to show friends, relatives, or a romantic interest that they are truly special.

Contact Effy experts at The Jewelry Center for timeless birthstone jewelry, wedding rings, or any other name-brand jewelry piece today!